Research Area 

1) Smart Mobility and Automated Driving

  • Traffic Flow Theory
    • Asymmetric Driving Behavior theory
    • Traffic state classification and future traffic prediction
  • Traffic Simulation Model 
    • Microscopic Traffic Simulator development
    • Pedestrian Simulation modeling
  • Automated Driving
    • Traffic Predictive Cruise Control System
    • Lane changing decision model

2) Smart Cities and Urban Informatics

  • Safety and Resilient Urban System
    • Traffic Safety and Accident Analysis
    • Safety Management System
    • Resilient Urban Infrastructure
  • Urban Big Data Analysis
    • Real-time urban big data analytics
    • Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Optimal Urban Land Use 
    • EV Charging Station Location Optimisation

3) Predictive Analytics

  • Smart Infrastructure Management 
    • Infrastructure Deterioration modeling
    • Maintenance decision optimisation for heterogeneous system
  • Condition Based Maintenance
    • Railway system condition based maintenance system
    • Vehicle parts CBM
    • CBM action decision making
  • Data-driven state prediction
    • Future Traffic state prediction
    • Risk Prediction

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