Invited Presentation and Lectures

Invited Lectures


  1. KAIST-Tongji Seminar, Infrastructure Maintenance Optimization for Heterogeneous Systems, Shanghai, China (2010)
  2. Public Transport using Online Electric Vehicle systems, Civil Aviation Agency, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2010)
  3. Korea-China Sustainable Transportation International Seminar, CKJSST (2011)
  4. NTU-KAIST Symposium, Microscopic Traffic modeling for Vehicle-to-Vehicle safety Messaging Systems, (2010)
  5. Microsoft Asia Faculty Summit, Real traffic, Beijing, China (2014)
  6. Invited Plenary Lecture, IEEE ITSS Summer School on Transportation 5.0, Tschindao, China (2015)


  1. Korea Transport Research Institute, Asymmetric Microscopic Driving Behavior Theory, (2009)
  2. Korea Transport Research Institute, Microscopic Traffic simulation of Vehice-to-Vehicle hazard alert on freeway (2009)
  3. Seoul National University, Asymmetric Microscopic Driving Behavior Theory (2010)
  4. Fusion Research Forum, Issues for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems, KAIST (2011)
  5. Graduate School for Green Transportation, Microscopic Traffic simulation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle hazard alert on freeway. KAIST (2011)
  6. 2011 OLEV Symposium, OLEV Bus System Economic Feasibility for Green Transportation, KAIST (2011)
  7. UNIST, The role and trend of transportation engineering for urban sustainability (2011)
  8. Automatic Traffic control Seminar, Real-time safety-based VSL control for highway accident, Korea Transport Association (2011)1
  9. Korea Highway Corporation, Application of Microscopic Traffic Simulation for Traffic Operation and Control (2012)
  10. Smart Safety Conference, Mokwon University (2012)
  11. TRADA Seminar (2013)
  12. Air Force Safety Seminar, Air Transportation Safety Performance Indicators and Continuous Monitoring, Korea Air Force (2013)
  13. C-ITS Workshop, Korea ITS Association (2013)
  14. Invited Seminar, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (2013)
  15. KT Open Platform Business Unit (2013)  
  16. Korea-China Sustainable Transportation International Seminar, CKJSST (2013)
  17. Traffic Operation Training, Basic Traffic Operation, Korea highway Corporation (2012, 2013)
  18. Future Infra-Vehicle Technology Seminar, Highway Optimal maintenance using V2I based big data, Hyundai Construction Company (2013)
  19. Harvard Campus in Asia Program, Invited Lecture, Addressing Urban Sustainability Problems from Transportation Engineering view: Technology-side and Demand-side Approach, Ehwa Women’s University (2014)
  20. Lecture on Traffic Simulation, Kunkook University (2014)
  21. C-ITS for Commercial Vehicles, Korea Transport Association (2014)
  22. Travel Time prediction methodology, KT Research Development Center (2014)
  23. Safety Data Analysis for Commercial Vehicles, Kookmin University (2014)
  24. Spatial Information Forum, Algorithms for Infrastructure Optimization, Yonsei University (2014)
  25. LG Entrue Seminar, Big Data in Transportation, LG CNS (2014)
  26. Invited Seminar, Big Data Business Opportunities in Transportation, IITP (2014)
  27. Hybrid warning system for commercial vehicles. KICT (2014)
  28. Korea-China Sustainable Transportation International Seminar, CKJSST (2014)
  29. System-wide Meta-heuristic Optimization Approach for Condition Based Maintenance of Railway System, Seoul (2014)
  30. DGIST (2014)
  31. Disaster management in transportation, KyeMyung Univeristy (2014)
  32. Big Data application in Transportation, Kookmin University (2015)

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